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Our Core Values.

The Four Core Values…that sounds important, right? Well, it is. We feel that the Four Core Values are extremely important and make up part of our vision at New Hope.

How did we come up with these core values? From our study of the Bible, we discovered that the purpose of all humanity is to glorify God (Revelation 4:11). So, every church should have a similar goal. The problem is that the Bible also tells us that “all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory (Romans 3:23).” It is hard to glorify God when our sin dishonors him. So, we need a solution to that problem. The Bible speaks of God’s mission through Jesus Christ to “seek and save the sinner (Luke 19:10).” Jesus gave that same mission to the church in Matthew 28:19-20. Because of these things, we have a biblical purpose of glorifying God and a biblical mission of reaching the lost so that they are able to glorify God.

The Four Core Values come into play at this point. We believe that in order to reach people for Christ and glorify God, we must have a vision that works toward those goals. Our vision at New Hope is to embrace Four Core Values in order to engage a lost world for the glory of God.

Now, what are those core values? The first is Biblical Community. This is simply the development of atmosphere where we share our lives, serve one another, and use what God has given us to build up the church. The second core value is Intentional Outreach. We want to be consistent and focused in our strategy to reach the lost. The third core value is True Worship. We seek to live lives of wholehearted praise to God. Finally, there is Spiritual Growth. This refers to choosing to follow Christ and be more like him each day.

We would love for you to join us on this journey to glorify God. If you have any questions or would like to have more information on the Four Core Values, we would love to talk with you during one of our Sunday or Wednesday service times.